Friday, June 30, 2006

Rusty Yates More Popular Than Kiddy Porn!

Back in March, I posted an item about the bust of a hapless child pornography ring that had brilliantly named its internet chat room "Kiddypics & Kiddyvids." Little did I know that my brief post of the same title would become this blog's number-one draw of visitors.

It turns out that each Blogspot post generates its own "permalink" webpage, and the post title becomes part of the metadata for that page. This is a lot of techspeak, but the upshot is that if you run a Google search for words that happen to match the title of a Blogspot post, that page will come up fairly high in your results.

From the highly-sophisticated Holy Prepuce! command center, I am able to track the search engine keywords by which visitors find their way to this site. And I have discovered that there are a lot of people out there searching for "kiddypics," "kiddyvids," and combinations thereof. Interestingly, the greatest proportion of these searches comes from the Middle East. While America sleeps, Holy Prepuce! is receiving hits--often dozens per night--from kiddypic-seeking Persians, Libyans, Saudis, and more. Of course, the joke is on these visitors, since the post actually mocks punters stupid enough to put such words on the Internet from traceable IP addresses. (That said, I'm doing the same thing right now, but hopefully the FBI will read the rest of this post before it puts an axe through my door.)

In any event, searches involving "kiddypics" and "kiddyvids" were the consistent leaders among my hit-generating terms until this week, when Andrea Yates went back on trial for the murders of her children. With renewed interest in the Yates family, another early post, in which I discussed the "trade-up" marriage of Rusty Yates to the former Laura Arnold, began to garner attention. Within a day, combinations of "Rusty Yates," "Laura Arnold," and "remarries" had eclipsed "kiddypics" and "kiddyvids" as the new kings of the search term castle. In case you are interested, here are the current Holy Prepuce! keyword rankings:
#1 rusty yates remarries
#2 kiddypics & kiddyvids
#3 laura arnold yates
#4 laura arnold rusty yates
#5 (tie) rusty yates laura arnold
#7 (tie) rusty yates new bride photos
#10 (tie) holy prepuce
laura arnold rusty
mostly gizzards
laura arnold yates pictures
rusty yates new bride pictures
paintball on espn2
rusty yates remarries
stockholm joy paintball
rusty yates laura arnold
us paintball championships
rusty yates laura arnold photos
rusty yates and laura arnold
laura arnold yates bride
rusty yates new bride
kiddypics kiddyvids

I guess there is hope for the world's children after all--apparently more people want to see them drowned by psychotic parents than featured in smut.

How 'bout that paintball?


  1. I'm embarrassed to tell you what the number one search term to my site is. Okay, it's "cute baby pictures". That whole blogpost title mojo is pretty potent.

  2. I am single-handedly determined to make "mostly gizzards" your #1 search term...


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