Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Trump Taj Mahal

If one is to keep company with Mrs. Prepuce on certain nights of the week, one must subject one's self to certain television programs, of a sort to which one might not otherwise subject one's self.

Tonight, the program was the season finale of "The Apprentice." This show follows the adventures of aspirants to moguldom, and therefore includes such common MBA tasks as engaging Michael J. Fox to play ice hockey at the Trump Taj Mahal hotel/casino in Atlantic City.

Two things occurred to me during this stunt. First, it may not be entirely wise for a visibly dyskinetic Parkinson's patient to engage in contact sports. That said, Mr. J. Fox is 45 years old and presumably can make his own decisions. What troubles me more is the very existence of a casino patterned after the Taj Mahal. Last time I checked, Islam regards gambling as a sin of the gravest magnitude. (See Qur'an 2:219 and 5:90-91.) Was it perhaps a bit insensitive, then, for Mr. Trump to install his gambling den inside a replica of the most famous Muslim building on earth?

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  1. It could be worse, during the Dubai World Cup, one of the commentators asked Sheikh Maktoum about how he had set out to 'create a Mecca of horse racing.'

    Nicely done.


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