Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Paring Down the Prepuce

Faithful readers:

After 4+ months of twice-weekly blogging, I have discovered that writing an average of 1000 words per week does not mesh well with such things as full-time jobs and sleep. Moreover, I have rediscovered the fact that deadlines, even imprecise and self-imposed, are not my friend. In order to preserve my sanity, and (with any luck) the quality of this space's content, I have decided to scale back to weekly posts. I know, I know... but hey, I'm giving this stuff away for free, so simmer down. If you fear that such infrequent updates will result in your forgetting to check for posts, please consider signing up at left for automatic email updates; doing so is free of both cost and spam.

Humbly yours,


  1. I, for one, immensely enjoy the Holy Prepuce. I am just glad you're only paring down & not completely cutting off.


  2. I'm a dork & put the wrong myspace address in. Please disregard the previous entry where I am apparently a 16 year old girl.


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