Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Period Cinema

The Holy Prepuce likes to think of this space as occasionally educational, and thus fancies himself something of an educator. As with any educator, the demands of outside life sometimes intrude on HP's curriculum development. This week is such an occasion.

But if HP's elementary school teachers taught him anything about pedagogy, it was this: lesson plans are pretty much optional so long as you can thread an 8MM Bell & Howell. If one spotted Mrs. Garvey throwing back Schlitz drafts at Pantera's Pizza of an evening, it was a good bet that the A/V cart would once more lurch its way into class the following morning.

Holy Prepuce! therefore presents you with this classic health education reel, sent in by astute reader Jennifer G. (Email subscribers: you may have to visit the blog online if your email interface does not support embeded video.)

It is comforting to know that, even as American society threatened to come apart at the seams over Vietnam and the sexual revolution, it was still possible to make a film about menstruation without once uttering the word "vagina."

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  1. "Does miss jones have periods?"
    If only the answer were as simple the one given in this film...

    Despite the fact that they don't say "vagina," they do include a "dad" in the discussion and ACTUAL BLOOD. If more people saw this movie, instead of the bullshit diagram or whatever, they might feel a whole lot better about the fact that periods are not actually about pouring a cup of blue liquid on a pad to see which one sops itself up better.

    Thanks for posting this. I had heard about this film with the Down's Syndrome star a long time ago and now I have actually seen it. I think the repetition may be because this movie was intended for a special needs audience...

    Overall, I think it is very sweet and true, despite the looming Vietnam war.


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