Monday, June 29, 2009

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

I've been working on a lengthy and pedantic follow-up to last Sunday's post about the Obama administration's brief in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. But in the meantime, I'm going to tell you why I love "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," which returned to the ABC Family Network last Monday.

First, Molly Ringwald is in it. Molly Ringwald!

Second, remember Olivia Hussey who played Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet? Well, her daughter India Eisley is in it, and she plays exactly the kind of sarcastic middle school girl I would be if I were a middle school girl.

Third, the season opener incorporated the following sequence of events:

Scene 3: Grace, abstinence-'till-marriage-pledged evangelical Christian, has not spoken to her father since he became angry at her announcement that God won't mind after all when she has sex with her boyfriend Jack. She's on the phone with her mother and brother, who are in the car after dropping the father off at the airport. Expository dialogue reveals that the father, not seen to this point, is taking off on a private plane to render medical aid in a third world country. Grace, who is sprinkling flower petals on her bed in preparation for Jack's arrival and the imminent loss of her virginity, refuses to call her father and apologize before the plane takes off.

At this point it is obvious to anyone watching that John Schneider (Bo Duke from "The Dukes of Hazzard") has not returned for a second season in his role as Grace's father, and the plane is going to crash. (Mrs. P: "Dude, the plane is going to crash." Holy Prepuce: "The plane is totally going to crash.")

Scene 7: Grace, no longer a virgin, delivers the most frank, mature, and empowered address about adolescent sexuality ever spoken on American television. She is happy, fulfilled, in love with her boyfriend, at peace with herself and God. Coming from this character, it is a stunningly bold alternative example for a generation made to feel dirty and fearful about its sexuality by abstinence-only curricula and the Promise Keepers.

Scene 8: Jack comes downstairs. Grace's mom and brother enter, crying. The plane has crashed. Jack announces that he and Grace have just had sex. Grace comes downstairs. Grace's brother, who has Down Syndrome, says (of their deceased father), "you killed him!"



  1. From Facebook:
    Facebook Friend #1 at 11:32am June 29
    Jack "announces" they had sex? What rock did he grow up under? Why would a kid announce to his gf's crying mom (knowing their xtian sentiments) "Your husbands dead? That's awful. Oh, and I just banged the hell out of your daughter. It was her first time so you're going to have to clean the sheets. Ciao!"
    Facebook Friend #2 at 11:46am June 29
    Yeah, I remember when I lost my virginity and inadvertently killed Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Facebook Friend #3 at 11:46am June 29
    As an evangelical, born-again, Christ-redeemed sinner . . . 1) We don't have sentiments about sex and sexuality. We do have sentiments during weddings.
    2) We understand that God has designed sex and sexuality to be beautiful and sacred (set apart, consecrated) within the confines of marriage.
    3) Obeying God's law is impossible. Fornication is listed with disobedience to parents numerous times in both the OT & NT.
    4) Since everyone falls short of the glory of God, the question is whether or not a person recognizes that and seeks His forgiveness through Christ.
    5) For those who don't, there's no point in trying to tell them to follow any of God's law -- given everyone breaks it. He's an absolute God - i.e. not much distinguishing between misdemeanor or felony; like a diamond is it flawless or not (who cares if it's VS1 or S2 or worse).... Read More
    6) Given above statements, Grace is not walking with God and would be misidentifying herself as a Christ-follower. He did say, "Go and sin no more."
    [Holy Prepuce] at 12:20pm June 29
    Hmm, I guess using [Facebook Friend #2]’s methodology I must have killed (allowing approximately a 2 month window) Frank Capra, Dr. Seuss, Miles Davis, and Gene Roddenberry. Freddy Mercury, if you allow 3 months.
    Facebook Friend #3 at 2:00pm June 29
    Esther Rolle, I am so sorry.
    Facebook Friend #1 at 2:01pm June 29
    Sentiment: A thought, view, or attitude.
    You only think or form opinions during weddings?
    So... sex outside marriage, eating a shrimp cocktail, murdering hundreds of people, or just growing up in a part of the world that hasn't heard of Jesus... all equally deserving of spending eternity being tortured.
    Cheney only tortured people for a few weeks.
    Facebook Friend #1 at 2:08pm June 29
    Oh, and [Holy Prepuce], I think it has to be the same day.
    In which case I'm only able to claim Ben Welden, last seen next to Vincent Price as Egghead's henchman Foo Yong in the 1966 Batman episode.
    Facebook Friend #4 at 2:08pm June 29
    Thanks [Facebook Friend #2], it seems i am now a suspect in the OJ Simpson case.
    [Holy Prepuce] at 2:21pm June 29
    I love this! Anyone else want to tell us who you killed so we we can all wikipedia the date you "crossed over?" This is awesome: (you can leave the day field blank to search the whole month).
    Facebook Friend #2 at 2:21pm June 29
    Oh, no, who killed the King of Pop? Fess up now, you heathen!
    Facebook Friend #5 at 2:56pm June 29
    sam kinison, isaac asimov & benny hill. sorry.
    Facebook Friend #6 at 8:34pm June 29
    Howard Cosell and Ginger Rogers...oops, two legends
    Facebook Friend #5 at 12:00pm June 30
    way to go, [Facebook Friend #6.]

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