Monday, April 10, 2006

Mostly Gizzards

No one else may find this as delightful as I, but:

Yesterday, in the meat department of the Safeway, I spotted a shrink-wrapped package boldly proclaiming “Chicken Hearts and Gizzards.” And then below, in fine print, it admitted “Mostly Gizzards.”

I guess that people in the know demand full disclosure of the balance between moist, delicate hearts and coarse, plebian gizzards. Perhaps this legend is to stave off litigation from the poultry organ aficionado bar.

But what leaves me confused is why there would be other than a one-to-one ratio between these items. Barring unlikely mutations, each standard-issue chicken comes with one of each. Who’s hoarding all the chicken hearts?


  1. I'm hoarding all the delicious chicken hearts, yum yum yum.

  2. I love the Mostly Gizzards disclaimer. I loved it so much that it was my original Hotmail account name!

    Thought I'd share =D

  3. As a matter of fact; years ago, my husband (the anon. above) and I actually set up a website we never used and called it "Mostly Gizzards"! We used to laugh so much about the same label. Surely, you guys are two of a kind!

  4. I've been laughing about that label, and trying to explain it (mostly in vain) ever since I saw it @ Rainbow Foods in Minneapolis in the mid '90s. For me the humor came from simultaneously imagining the Rainbow Foods legal counsel who decided the disclaimer was needed and the person that they imagined would get bent out of shape by too many gizzards. It doesn't hurt that "gizzard" (like "bladder") is pure humor to begin with.


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