Thursday, June 15, 2006

Walking Directions has been promoting itself as a better alternative to Google, and while I cannot agree entirely, I must share one feature that I adore: the ability to toggle between driving and walking directions in the maps utility.

This feature is of course useful for getting around cities, since pedestrians need not obey one-way signs but have difficulty merging onto the expressway. But the real beauty of this option is that the programmers have not imposed any obvious limits on distance. Fancy a stroll from D.C. to New York? Start out towards E St. NW, amble along the Bear Mountain State Parkway, and 135 hours later grab a knish at the corner of Broadway and Chambers. Not ready to rest? Another 98 hours will have you walking the Freedom trail in Boston, after a scenic tour of the Pioneer Valley. And if you've remembered your passport, you can promener onward to lovely Montréal in just under 144 more hours, or to Toronto in 193.

It's just one more way that the Internet can help us beat our dependence on foreign oil!

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