Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SafeFit Baby in Sight Laser Beam Eye Discipline

As our newfound domestic bliss does not afford much free time for composition, I shall provide only the following quick update for the week:

From our gift registry, we received a clever item known as the SafeFit Baby In Sight Back Seat Mirror. The idea is to install it on your back seat, align it with your rear-view mirror, and thereby keep an eye on your rear-facing baby. (Exactly what you are supposed to be worried that your unsupervised infant would get up to while straitjacketed into a five-point restraint is not specified, but no one ever went broke overestimating the paranoia of new parents.)

It all sounded fine and good until I looked at the diagram for installing the thing, and discovered that we had inadvertently registered for a corporeal punishment aid for evil Supermen:


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  1. Your subject header would make an excellent spam header. And, for more things Superman, have you seen the site


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