Monday, October 27, 2008

S. palin / D. melanogaster

The Holy Prepuce agrees with Sarah Palin that we should not fund any more fruit fly research. Fruit flies couldn’t possibly present a useful model for human biology unless both were descended from a common ancestor--maybe through some process by which species change over millions of years as a result of random mutations leading to traits more or less likely to result in successful reproduction. But since we know that God created humans and fruit flies in their present forms approximately 6000 years ago, it would be foolish to waste money on such nonsense. Especially if it's happening in France.


  1. And Jesus knows we wouldn't want to keep Californian agriculture working well - for all we know, it might run off and get gay-married.

  2. *wise nods*
    Genetics is messing with God's will.

  3. Have you seen the Matt Damon interview? He says "If she's running for vice president I need to know, does she really believe the earth is 6000 years old or that dinosaurs lived with man?" or something like that.
    As yet I have not heard anyone ask her that direct question.

  4. Introducing flies into the process of scientific experimentation can have some serious and unfortunate unintended consequences IMHO.


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